About Us

We are a small company that was formed with one idea in mind. Providing the IT services of an in house IT department to companies that cant afford a full time staff or want to deal with the hassle of it.
Our employees are experiences and well trained IT professionals. We have both software and hardware experts that can resolve almost any issue. We never tell our customer we do not know. What we dont know we find out.
What seperates us from other IT companies is our willingness to find the answer to our clients questions. A lot of companies just say "I dont know" we say "we will find out". If we cant find the answer we will find the person who can. This principle has enable us solve any problem that has come our way.

Roger Handy

Emily Sweeney

Trey Grigg

Gwen Marsh
Mcafee, Archives, Research

Beth Burrows

Robert Lester
youtube, google adsense,marketing

Shawn Shelby
Buisness Resources

Janet Fiandaca

Niko C. D. Bockmon
CEO 1997-2015
Consultant 2015